Crafty Graffiti

1 Apr

I’ve seen a lot of guerrilla crochet – but this Cross Stitch Graff is almost better.


Example of Sarah Corbett's Work

Thanks to Design Milk for the post.


Project Wish List: New Type of Granny Square

25 Mar

I’d like to attempt this new Granny Square on my next Blanket Adventure:


Solid Granny Square


Check out the Video Instructions Here:


She’s Crafty: Easy Baby Booties (Attempt #1)

15 Mar

In my progress towards Black Belt Crochet – I’ve set myself the Baby Booty Challenge for my Orange Belt.

For this hurdle – I must work on creating the perfect Baby Booty.

After much hunting around – I came back to my friend Michael Sellick and his version of the Easy Baby Booty.



Easy Baby Booty Video

Easy Baby Booty Video

Link to Video Here



This 7 part video series couldn’t be any easier to follow – and the only stitches you need are chain, double and slip.

As always – my first attempt is a little wonky. The shape is there – but it would have to be the world’s smallest baby to fit into!

Am thinking attempt #2 will involve a larger hook (this was done using a 4.5MM hook) and a few more chains at the beginning for good measure.



Crochet Baby Booty

A Baby Booty - for Ants!?

So not quite an Orange Belt celebration yet – but the Yellow Belt is getting darker with every Double Crochet!




Read a Book: Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

14 Mar

Having consumed an awful lot of Sci Fi and / or Post-Apocalyptic books over the past year – Justin Cronin’s The Passage, John Birmingham’s Without Warning, Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City etc etc – I had high expectations for this novel.



Super Sad True Love Story

Super Sad True Love Story



Not only was there the excellent write up in the New Yorker’s “20 Under 40” issue, but reviews in such highly regarded papers including the Washington Post and New York Times made Gary Shtyngart’s new novel out to be one of the greatest satirical, sci fi, dystopian novels of recent years.

A quick plot overview also makes this out to be a great read:

Set in a world sometime in the (not too distant) future, main man Lenny Abramov returns to New York City from a sojourn in Rome – back to his job (converting ‘High Net Worth Individuals’ to live forever) while perusing his love for the beautiful Eunice Park.

His is a world where everyone is connected via their äppäräti (like an iPad fueled with Facebook on steroids) and work for multi-merged companies like UnitedContinentalDeltamerica and ColgatePalmoliveYum!BrandsViacomCredit. China rules the world, the Yuan is the main currency and  1 Euro is worth $USD8.64.

Overlaying this is Lenny’s flailing attempts to love Eunice, have her love him back, while an impending crisis of astronomical proportions brews towards the inevitable end.

Like Brett Easton Ellis writing for Futurama, this is a fantastically over-the-top novel steeped with enough satirical commentary to salvage it from being a comic book sans the pictures.

One of the oddest, most uncomfortable love stories you’re likely to read, the main issue is that from about a third of the way through, the story get’s stuck in a loop that it struggles to get out of. Like the incesent news feeds on Twitter or Facebook, the noise of the novel is interesting (made up of Instant Messages, Diary Entries and Observations), however it doesn’t push along the plot.

Once escaping, the story gallops towards its exhilarating conclusion, though a good edit would have made this a more excellent rather than okay read.

Robot Rating: 6.5/10

Book #13#50bookchallenge





Easy Crochet Flower Project

13 Mar

Sunday morning – and I find a link to what should be a very easy Crochet Flower.

Easy Crochet Flower

The Easy Crochet Flower

Using just single and double crochet – this cute little flower should only take you about 15 minutes to make.

While my first attempt is a little bit wonky:


Crochet Flower

First Attempt at the Crochet Flower



I think this will be an easy one to master – and will add a nice effect on the baby blanket that I’m currently crocheting. If anyone has any tips on how best to attach – please pass on.


Crochet Flower on Baby Blanket

Could Work on the Blanket....




Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper

12 Mar

I love when people are creative with letters and words. So when I came across this Find-A-Word themed wrapping paper designed by creative art director / designer Fabio Milito, it was love at first sight. As someone who regularly wraps their gifts with newspaper anyway – I thought this simple idea was perfect.


Find a Word Wrapping Paper

Find a Word Wrapping Paper



Universally themed – allowing for the gift giver to simply seek out and circle the appropriate occasion for the present – this is DIY meets Words at its best.


Wrapped in Style

Wrapped in Style

(link via Design Milk)




Project Wish List: Rainbow Cloud Mobile

11 Mar

There will come a time when I’ll need to move on from Crochet, and try my hands at other material. Felt looks easy (and affordable!) and I’m in the market for some cute mobiles – so was thrilled to find this project on the Urban Craft Blog.


Rainbow Cloud Mobile

Rainbow Cloud Mobile




With materials being felt, thread, needle and some scissors, and skill level pretty easy (I’ll have to practice my sewing though) – this could easily be the next cab of the crafting rank.