She’s Crafty!: Going Back to the Crochet Basics (The Single Crochet)

11 Feb

Thanks to the Sydney Brown Owls for my crafty induction on Wednesday Night. It was hard not to feel slightly inadequate as I struggled through basic chain stitch as they quickly whipped up a few Amigurumi Crochet Hearts in time for Valentines Day. And despite the fact I left the session with nothing more than a handful of multicoloured knots and a stack of crochet patterns full of gobledegook;

Row 1 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Turn. Row 2 Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), *skip next sc, 1 dc in next 3 sc, yo, with hook in front of work, go back and insert hook from front to back into skipped st before the 3-dc group; loosely draw through a lp and bring it up to the height of the 3-dc group; yo and complete dc (Cable st ); rep from * across, end dc in last st. Turn

I did leave with the determination to master this craft.. but I needed to start at the beginning…

Meet My New Friends

Over the next day – I made a few new friends thanks to YouTube.

The Knit Witch took me patiently through the Chain Stitch again and again while Naztazia turned out to be the best of the US Mid West Crochet v-loggers who was able to convey through video just exactly how to do the Single Crochet.

Between these two ladies, I managed to make my first Single Crocheted “thing”.  I also learned some valuable tips along the way.

Chloe Robot’s 4 Tips for the Single Crochet Stitch

  • Keep your stitches really really loose. For those used to knitting, forget about nice tension at the beginning, the looser you start, the easier it will be able to work out where you need to hook your next stitch.
  • A single crochet means that you do “two” actions. One is the Yarn Over and one is the actual “stitch” over the two loops. This is the part that confused me the most.
  • Don’t despair if you find your self starting again 5 times. I say this is “normal”.
  • Don’t try and actually make anything by using a Single Stitch and Chain. There’s not much unless you want to add another scarf to your pile of knitting.
Single Crocheted Thing

My Single Crocheted "Thing"



Robot Rating: 7/10 (I’m pretty happy with my final attempt, the first one got a 2/10 – but since there is no photo evidence it doesn’t count)



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