She’s Crafty: The Easy Peasy Baby Beanie

17 Feb
After 10 days of self taught crocheting, I now feel as though I’ve graduated to Yellow Belt. 

Having mastered the Chain Stitch and Single Crochet the time had come to actually create something with these newly honed hook and yarn skills.

What I quickly found was that there aren’t too many things that you can make using these two stitches – and I was determined not to make another scarf to add to my knitting failures. 

That’s when I discovered another new friend Teresa and her Art of Crochet Channel on YouTube.

Teresa was the only person I found who gave me the instructions to create something practical out of my basic skills – the Baby Beanie Single Crochet. Her video was just what I needed – and the results speak for themselves.

First attempt has some weird nipple shaped action going, which I put down to some miscounting with the “increase” sections – but the final result is something wearable.

First Attempt: Pink Beanie

Attempt number two is about halfway through and the results are looking much more like Teresa’s. Just need a few pom poms and the weather to turn a bit colder!

Orange Baby Beanie

Beanie Number Two

Tips for the Yellow Belt Crocheter

  • For both beanies I used 8 ply yarn and a 4.5mm hook
  • Beanie #1 I restarted about six times, Beanie #2 only three.
  • Keep your tension very loose!
  • Don’t worry if you miscount the stitches – this is a very forgiving pattern.
  • Tie a piece of yard into the beanie as a marker.
  • Once you build up pace – you can knock one of these out within a few solid hours.

Robot Rating: 7.5/10 – averaging out the two beanies – leaving some room for improvement of course!


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