She’s Crafty: How to Join All of those Granny Squares

4 Mar

So I managed to master the art of the basic Granny Square – so my next Crochet Ninja challenge was to work out how to make something from these squares of (mostly) knotted yarn.

Fearful that I’d have to swap my crochet hook for a needle and thread – I was happy to find that the most preferred option of joining your squares together involved – more crocheting – using just the Single Crochet (the stitch I used for the Baby Beanie).

My friend YouTube had a few different videos – but I found this  one from the slightly off-putting ‘Mikey’ to be the easiest to follow.

Despite struggling to work out how to hold all of the flapping squares as I worked to join them together, the end result wasn’t too bad. My only regret was the use of white yarn – which I though would go nicely with my white centre, but really just looked like a badly hidden hemline of shoelace looking stitches. Tip for next time – make sure the edges of all my Squares are the same colour as what I’ll use to join them together.



The Joined Granny Square

The Final Product - Joined Granny Squares


Lucky – the reverse side of my giant square – the white created something more ‘interesting’ so we’ll use that as the showing side. Kind of like some retro tic tac toe board.

Robot Rating: 5/10 – points awarded for actually managing to work out how to join the Squares and to create something looking something like a blanket. Lots of room to improve!


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