She’s Crafty: Easy Baby Booties (Attempt #1)

15 Mar

In my progress towards Black Belt Crochet – I’ve set myself the Baby Booty Challenge for my Orange Belt.

For this hurdle – I must work on creating the perfect Baby Booty.

After much hunting around – I came back to my friend Michael Sellick and his version of the Easy Baby Booty.



Easy Baby Booty Video

Easy Baby Booty Video

Link to Video Here



This 7 part video series couldn’t be any easier to follow – and the only stitches you need are chain, double and slip.

As always – my first attempt is a little wonky. The shape is there – but it would have to be the world’s smallest baby to fit into!

Am thinking attempt #2 will involve a larger hook (this was done using a 4.5MM hook) and a few more chains at the beginning for good measure.



Crochet Baby Booty

A Baby Booty - for Ants!?

So not quite an Orange Belt celebration yet – but the Yellow Belt is getting darker with every Double Crochet!





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