1. Introduce Yourself

Name: Chloe Sasson

Location: Sydney, Australia

What I do: Currently on Maternity Leave from being FMCG Industry Manager at Google Australia

Which means?: At the moment – I’m waiting to be a Mum. Before February of 2011 it meant that I worked with leading Consumer Goods and Healthcare brands and their agencies with their Search and Display advertising campaigns.

And before that?: A couple of years over at News Limited and MySpace, and before that Label Manager at one of Australia’s leading independent Music Distributors and before that freelance music journalist.

Outside of work: Was Collect Robots. Now – as I get ready to enter a new type of ‘work’ I’m currently enjoying reading as many books as possible and getting crafty,

2. Reason for Blogging

Now on Maternity Leave for a year, I’d like to capture some of the fun (and maybe not so fun) things that I will have done over the next 12 months.

3. What I’ll Be Blogging About

Assume that quite a few will be baby related – but apart from that will be the odd book review, music update, cool design find, my progress in Craft, and the occasional dip back into Digital Media and Online Advertising. Apparently I’m about to be come a ‘key segment’.


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