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Crafty Graffiti

1 Apr

I’ve seen a lot of guerrilla crochet – but this Cross Stitch Graff is almost better.


Example of Sarah Corbett's Work

Thanks to Design Milk for the post.


Project Wish List: New Type of Granny Square

25 Mar

I’d like to attempt this new Granny Square on my next Blanket Adventure:


Solid Granny Square


Check out the Video Instructions Here:


She’s Crafty: Easy Baby Booties (Attempt #1)

15 Mar

In my progress towards Black Belt Crochet – I’ve set myself the Baby Booty Challenge for my Orange Belt.

For this hurdle – I must work on creating the perfect Baby Booty.

After much hunting around – I came back to my friend Michael Sellick and his version of the Easy Baby Booty.



Easy Baby Booty Video

Easy Baby Booty Video

Link to Video Here



This 7 part video series couldn’t be any easier to follow – and the only stitches you need are chain, double and slip.

As always – my first attempt is a little wonky. The shape is there – but it would have to be the world’s smallest baby to fit into!

Am thinking attempt #2 will involve a larger hook (this was done using a 4.5MM hook) and a few more chains at the beginning for good measure.



Crochet Baby Booty

A Baby Booty - for Ants!?

So not quite an Orange Belt celebration yet – but the Yellow Belt is getting darker with every Double Crochet!




Easy Crochet Flower Project

13 Mar

Sunday morning – and I find a link to what should be a very easy Crochet Flower.

Easy Crochet Flower

The Easy Crochet Flower

Using just single and double crochet – this cute little flower should only take you about 15 minutes to make.

While my first attempt is a little bit wonky:


Crochet Flower

First Attempt at the Crochet Flower



I think this will be an easy one to master – and will add a nice effect on the baby blanket that I’m currently crocheting. If anyone has any tips on how best to attach – please pass on.


Crochet Flower on Baby Blanket

Could Work on the Blanket....




Project Wish List: Rainbow Cloud Mobile

11 Mar

There will come a time when I’ll need to move on from Crochet, and try my hands at other material. Felt looks easy (and affordable!) and I’m in the market for some cute mobiles – so was thrilled to find this project on the Urban Craft Blog.


Rainbow Cloud Mobile

Rainbow Cloud Mobile




With materials being felt, thread, needle and some scissors, and skill level pretty easy (I’ll have to practice my sewing though) – this could easily be the next cab of the crafting rank.



Project Wish List: Mario Blanket – Granny Square Style

11 Mar

Now that I’m a Yellow Belt Crochet Ninja and can make the basic Granny Square – I was thrilled to come across this Mario blanket that I think that even I can make.


Granny Square Mario Blanket

Let’s see if I can tick this one off the list by 2012. 

She’s Crafty: Easy Shell Edging for Your Granny Square

9 Mar

As part of my Yellow Belt crochet training – I’ve been working to learn and perfect the Granny Square. With a few not so great squares, but some other beauties – I felt that it was time to finish what I had done. Not entirely happy with my joining technique (it’s all about the colour!) – I decided that a simple edging would help save this half blanket / half center piece.

The best (and easiest) option I could find was this Shell Border – which just involves more Double Crochet – but scrunched up to create the shell effect.

Overall – I was quite pleased with the finished product:



The Double Crochet Shell Border

The Double Crochet Shell Border



The only issue was that once completed it made the blanket curl up at the edges a bit too much. Perhaps next time I’ll try 4 stitches in each space rather than 5.


But overall I’m pretty chuffed with my first completed Granny Square project – and it now sits proudly on our bookshelf:


Completed Granny Square

My First Completed Granny Square Project

Robot Rating: 7.5 / 10 (Would have been an 8 if it wasn’t for the curling)