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Read a Book: The Chocolate Wars

7 Feb
The Chocolate Wars

The Chocolate Wars

In terms of non-fiction books, what could be more delicious than the history of Chocolate? Written by Deborah Cadbury – ancestor of the famous Cadbury conglomerate, the history also takes in such mouthwatering names as Nestle, Mars, Hershey and Lindt.

Starting back in the 1800s, the book’s best parts are about the early years of the Cadbury company – at a time when chocolate was only consumed as a drink, and the first bars were virtually inedible. Formed by two Quaker brothers, much of the early history of Cadbury weaves around the morals and thinking of this simple early Christian organisation, and how its views on poverty and the well being of humans influenced the company’s early days. From enviable working conditions (swimming lessons for staff – at a time when young boys were still being used as human chimney cleaners) and affordable housing estates, to an attack on slavery, there’s much more to Cadbury than the invention of the Creme Egg.

As the history unfolds, we meet other chocolate families from Nestle to Hershey – and the “war” around innovative chocolate production unfurls. It’s about this time where it’s virtually impossible to read a chapter without having to nip off for a Kit Kat or Milky Way.

The final part of the book, as it fast tracks through corporate takeovers, and the inevitable buy out from Kraft, is the least interesting, though essential as it wraps up the story of the makers of the Crunchie, Flake and Picnic Bars.

Robot Rating: 7/10

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