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She’s Crafty!: I Learn to Crochet Amigurumi

9 Feb

I’ve been seduced / tricked / invited to join the ‘Craftiest Gang in Town’ – Sydney’s Inner City Craft Group the Brown Owls. Tonight is my first night, and  apparently I’m going to learn the art of Amigurumi Crochet. According to my usual online references, this is actually the “Japanese Art of Knitting or Crocheting small stuffed toys or animals”. As I have a penchant for all things Japanese, and I can actually knit – this is probably a perfect way to launch my Crocheting career.

Amigurumi Crobot Pattern Book

Amigurumi Crobot Pattern Book

And before you ask – yes – there is a whole bunch of Amigurumi Robot patterns out there, Amazon even stocks a book with 20 ‘Crobot’ Patterns to make.

But before I get ahead of myself – I should actually attempt to work out the basic art of Crochet. To do this I need to get the equipment. According to one of the Brown Owls – all I need to start with is a 4MM crochet needle and 8 Ply yarn. Heading to Lincraft York St – my total investment is $17.65.

Next step is to work out the basic ‘Chain Stitch‘ . Thank goodness for YouTube and the myriad of Mid-Western US house wives who have time to upload hundreds of videos that teach the novice knotter how to master the hook and yard.  I particularly like this one from ‘Cathy’, if only because she has a giant hook and wool.

Unfortunately my first attempts at even the basic Chain Stitch are less than spectacular – even despite my fancy multi coloured wool. I’m hoping that by year’s end I’ll be showing off my gorgeous own Amigurumi Robot.

Robot Rating: 3/10 (my self rating of my crochet skill) potentially an 8/10 hobby.

First Attempt(s) at Chain Stitch

First Attempt(s) at Chain Stitch

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