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Like Scrabble.. and Helvetica?

5 Mar

Scrabble isn’t the coolest game around (well not as cool as Angry Birds at the moment), but everyone will admit there’s a level of satisfaction when you finally get out a great world full of W’s, X’s and Q’s on a triple.

A New Scrabble Idea

A New Scrabble Design

So imagine then that a designer got his hands on Scrabble – revived the old style and allowed us to choose the typography of the letters used in the set.

A-1 Scrabble Set

The A-1 Scrabble Prototype

Designer Andrew Clifford Capener has done just this with his A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition Prototype. With a beautifully crafted wooden board and the potential to order additional font packs, even those with the most basic of Scrabble skills will enjoy playing the game.

A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition Letters

A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition Letters

At this stage – the board isn’t available to purchase – but if you email Andrew via his site, you can help to greatly help to increase the chances of the Board going into production.   (Thanks to Flavor Wire for the link)